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Notecard with project client (Spalding), the project brief (Develop a logo, brand standards, packaging and apparel for use as part of an international ad campaign) and the roles of the designer for the project (Art/photography direction, logo design, copywriting, retouching)
Business cards with Spalding 125th Anniversary business cards.
Spalding 125th Anniversary Logo
Spalding 125th Anniversary booklet with logo development, font treatments and PMS color swatches.
Patterns for the Spalding 125th annviersary. Pattern 1 is navy with gold basketballs, Pattern 2 is cream with gold basketballs, Pattern 3 is navy blue with 125 in gold, and Pattern 4 is cream with 125 in gold.
Spalding 125th anniversary reproduction basketball in a navy blue packer with gold lettering and logo.
Gray tee shirt with Spalding 125th Anniversary logo in gold, cream and navy
Man in the bleachers at the Hoosier Gym wearing a gray Spalding hoodie, black shorts and holding a reproduction Spalding basketball from 125 years ago.
Photo of the Hoosiers Gym with a peach basket basketball hoop and a reproduction antique Spalding basketball.
Navy blue hat (front and back view) with Spalding 125th anniversary logo.
Man sitting on a bench in the Hoosiers Gym wearing Spalding clothing and holding a reproduction antique Spalding basketball.
Peach basket, antique Spalding basketball rule book and score book, reproduction antique Spalding basketball with laces all sitting on a bench in a locker room
Photo of two men wearing Spalding clothing in the Hoosiers gym holding a current Spalding basketball and a reproduction antique Spalding basketball.
Image of the Hoosiers Gym bleachers with a peach basket, reproduction antique Spalding basketball and vintage Spalding basketball shoes.
Spalding 125 Years logo
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