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My name is Sara, and I always knew that one day, I'd be a graphic designer.

Just kidding; I grew up in a small town with no internet access, very little exposure to art and NO IDEA what graphic design was, let alone that one could make a career out of it. I didn't begin taking art classes until my junior year of college whereas it seemed most of my fellow students were born, pencils in hand, and enrolled in academies for the artistically gifted shortly thereafter. This was a real downer to say the least; I felt like an imposter, hopelessly out of place, incapable of catching up and just waiting to be found out. To disguise my ineptitude and lack of experience, I started spending all my free time in the studio. If I couldn't be the best, then I would work the hardest.


I quickly became the star pupil in all my classes. Kidding again! (What I lacked in skill I made up for with blazing wit.) While I definitely wasn't the most naturally gifted artist, I did develop an incredibly strong work ethic that has stayed with me throughout my entire career. I've been at it for over thirteen years now, and I still get excited every time a new creative brief lands on my desk. I've worked for companies large (Fruit of the Loom, Russell Athletic, Spalding) and small (Bird Dog Whiskey, various non-profits). I've worked alone, I've worked on teams, I've worked with people just down the hall and people around the world. I've worked on logos, ad campaigns, illustrations, custom typography, branding and copywriting. 


I haven't done it all, but I'm working on it. When I'm not working on it, you can find me sketching (okay, so technically that is still working on it), reading (which, come to think of it, is also still kind of working on it depending on the subject matter) and traveling with my husband and our two dogs.

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