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Brief / Create signage for an interactive,

in-store launch of the Spalding Precision basketball.


Client / Spalding/Modell's Sporting Goods


Role / Concept, Art Direction, Illustration

Spalding, along with eight New York City Modell’s Sporting Goods locations, wanted to promote a new basketball through customer focused in-store events. Signage was tailored to meet the individual needs and requirements of each store. Three different posters were created for the event, and their use in Modell’s store windows was inspired by the many different flyers and playbills that can be seen pasted up around the city. Graphics were designed for in-store 

signage and promotional materials and modified to work as screen printed tee shirt designs.

Spalding Precision basketball poster - two hands holding basketball
Spalding Precision basketball display inside Modell's Sporting Goods
Spalding Poster with Recycled Precision basketballs
Modell's Sporting Goods store with Spalding Precision basketball poster in window
Spalding Precision basketball poster - built for the hardwood, born for the net
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