Brief / Develop a logo, creative elements and brand standards for use as part of an international ad campaign.


Client / Spalding


Role / Concept Development, Art and Photography Direction, Logo Design and Implementation, Copywriting

In 2019, Spalding celebrated 125 years of manufacturing basketballs. To celebrate, they wanted a campaign that reflected their historical beginnings that could be used both domestically and in international markets. The logo combines the first basketball ever produced with the ball as we know it today. Packaging and other brand elements were designed to evoke nostalgia while still appealing to a modern consumer.

The Spalding 125th monologue (included below) was written with various purposes in mind. It was crafted with the knowledge that it would be used as a voice over for a commercial (aired on ESPN; YouTube; the 2019 Spalding Hoophall Classic in Springfield, Massachusetts and the 2019 Euroleague Final Four in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain). It was also incorporated as a prominent design element in printed packaging and display materials for the commemorative basketball and translated into multiple languages.

"We were true to the game before the game was invented. Synonymous with sport: true believers; dedicated disciples; loyal to ball before there were buckets, only peach baskets and square boxes. We were there before the fans, before the franchises. There before the hype, there before the hoop, before the free throws, the hook shots and the give and go. Before there was a three-pointer, a lay-up, a dunk; before there was hang time, there was hard work.


When we developed the first basketball in 1894, we didn't follow the competition, we set the standard. We didn’t just create a ball; we built a business, a reputation, a legacy. We did not blindly stumble upon success, didn’t settle for average. We didn’t forget where we started or what we stood for, learning from our past while planning for the future. We never stopped innovating; never stopped searching for opportunities to improve; always adapting to meet the changing needs of the player and the game. 


We didn’t just take a shot. We took the shots, took them until we made them, made them until we called them. We didn't just sit on the sidelines studying the playbook; we hustled, set goals, made moves. We never buckled under pressure, were never afraid to challenge any call. We didn't make the rules, we made the ball."

Spalding 125th Logo
Spalding 125th Logo Brand Standards Book
Spalding 125th Logo
Spalding 125th Pattern
Spalding 125th Pattern
Spalding 125th Pattern
Spalding 125th Pattern
Spaldng 125th anniversary basketball in box
Spalding 125th anniversary monologue
Spalding 125th Anniversary Tee Shirt
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Basketball players with Spalding basketball